By Rick Montgomery, Eric Adler, and Mike Hendricks

This article, reprinted by permission, originally appeared in the October 5, 2014, issue of The Kansas City Star. As this issue goes to print the Royals are up 2-0 over the Baltimore Orioles in the American League Championship Series. The third game of the series was moved to Tuesday night due to the weather in Kansas City on Monday. No team has ever lost a best of seven league championship series after opening 2-0 on the road. Two more wins, and the Royals are in, but first, a look back with an article featuring a Lincoln resident, and a man from just up the road in Smith Center.

As the final strike ignited the crowd’s roar, 12-year-old Brecken Obermueller lifted her arms high and screamed. A crazed fan with a broom in standing-room-only somehow howled just one more time and began high-fiving 100 other spectators.

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By Tyler Gier

The USD 298 Board of Education opened the October 6, 2014, regular meeting with routine matters. They approved the minutes from the September meeting, accepted the Clerk’s and Treasuer’s reports and the Payment of Bills. Board member Barb Gourley was not present.

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By Wendy Nugent

Chapman and Lincoln are small rural communities in the heart of central Kansas. Chapman is home to astronaut Joe Engle, while Lincoln has been known as the post rock (the stone, not the music) capital of the Sunflower State with many downtown businesses made of this material. Neither town is large, with populations at around 1,300.

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