By John Baetz

Central Kansas Mental Health Center, Lincoln County’s Community Mental Health Center, is recognizing May Is Mental Health Month by sharing information about the number of services available to all Lincoln County residents. In Lincoln County in 2015, use of mental health services increased by 20 percent. As a Community Mental Health Center, CKMHC is a non-profit organization, licensed by the State of Kansas with a wide, comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of persons of all ages.

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By Jyll Phillips

There are few shows on television that I watch with any regularity. There are some that I am tuned to for background noise at the same time each week, but I barely know the characters names in those shows. I get bored with the corny humor, the overexaggerated antics and the whining. However, I have never been bored with The Big Bang Theory. Weird, huh?

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