by Jerry Moran

Recently the Department of Defense (DoD) announced that it would bar the transfer of excess trucks, generators, humvees, and other dieselpowered equipment because they might not meet federal emissions standards. This decision was a reversal of decades of past policy where such equipment was granted a national security exemption by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In Kansas, there are currently 445 vehicles issued to rural fire departments. In fact, of the 50 million acres in Kansas, nearly 95 percent of all land is protected by rural volunteer fire departments.

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by  Jyll Phillips

We, humans, tend to accumulate tens times more “stuff” than we need. Even more than we could ever use. Why is that? I’ve been thinking ahead to a time when I might be able to retire. I thought I might sell my house, move closer to my kids, and get an apartment. So, I got online and started researching the average rent of a twobedroom apartment.

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