by  John Schlageck

Some people have the mistaken idea that farmers and ranchers are harming our environment. You hear it everywhere: at the coffee shop, church, public forums, traveling, even in the grocery. Children arrive home from school and tell parents about harmful practices farmers are using on the land. Everywhere you go today people are concerned about the food they eat.

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by  Jyll Phillips

I began doing some freelance writing for the Lincoln Sentinel in November of 2007, shortly after making the shift to small town living. In January of 2008 I was put on staff as a reporter. I had no writing experience to speak of, but publisher John Baetz took a chance and let me at it, eventually making me his news editor. It was probably a decision he regretted now and then, depending on the day, but he stuck with me and I ended up doing a pretty fair job. When I came on board, I quickly learned I had a lot to learn. Boy howdy, did I have a lot to learn!

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