By John Schlageck

A wise man once said, If you don’t vote, someone else is voting for you on issues that are important in your life. This is particularly true as we head into the final stretch of the election season. There is plenty at stake for each one of us in the Kansas primary election August 2. Elected officials responsible for helping determine our future, that of our children and our agricultural industry will be chosen that day.

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By Jyll Phillips

I have a love/hate relationship with secrets. On one hand, I love a good juicy secret. Knowing that I know something very few, if any, people are privy to makes me feel … special. It makes me feel like one of the popular kids. It makes me feel like part of the “inner circle.” On the other hand, a good juicy secret makes me feel like a can of hairspray – under pressure, highly combustible and likely to explode if exposed to too much heat.

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