By Kelly Larson

One thing abundantly clear is that we need more daycare providers in the county. Our need seems to be reaching a critical level with stressors coming from two different directions. One direction is from the decreased number of daycare options available. In all of Lincoln County, we are now down to three full-time licensed daycare providers. Each of the providers are operating at maximum allowable capacity and simply cannot accept any more children.

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By Jyll Phillips

One week in June I wrote about being a junque-y. It was almost cute then, back in the early days of my addiction. But I have to admit, at this point in time, it is beginning to concern even me. It started so innocently. I have always liked things made out of different things. They seemed “off key” to me. Odd and unusual. Fun and funky. The “flower bed” extending from an old metal headboard was a favorite of mine.

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