by  John Schlageck

Imitation dairy products may account for nearly 70 percent of the items a shopper finds in the dairy case today. That’s according to the latest data from the dairy industry. A trip down the grocery aisle will quickly reveal the often-copied dairy products. There are products that mimic butter, cream, whipped cream, sour cream, ice cream and yogurt. Imitation milk is not a new item and neither are the knock-offs for real cheese, including Colby, Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss and even American pasteurized, proc essed cheese.

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by Jyll Phillips

When I bought my house, on closing day I learned the property actually had two houses on it - one that I live in, and one that I didn’t even want. It was a bonus house they said. It’s part of the deed. But I don’t want it, I told them. Oh, but you have no choice, they said. But … (sigh).

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