City of Lincoln improving energy efficiency by upgrading to modern LED lights

If the Lincoln downtown streets seem a little brighter after dark these days, it’s because there are new LED lights installed. Lincoln City Superintendent Jesse Meyer confirmed crews upgraded light fixtures on Lincoln Avenue in March.

This is the third year that the City of Lincoln has been working to improve energy efficiency with LED lighting upgrades, purchasing 12 roadway lights per year. Long-time employee Robert Thompson said they are about half done with the roadway light upgrades, with 32 out of 62 completed.

Meyer said the new LED lights are 133 watts, compared to the 298 watts with the old high pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

“We are always looking for a way to save electricity,” Meyer said.

Thompson said the new LED lights are rated for 100,000 hours, which is 25 years, figuring 4,000 usage per year. The HPS lights were rated for maximum six years life.

He said the new lights have much fewer working parts to maintain as well.

“We’re trying to go energy saving, energy efficient, and so far so good,” Thompson said.

In addition to the lights downtown on Lincoln Avenue, Meyer said they have replaced lights along the highways, and five on east Lincoln Avenue near the ballpark.

“We’ve had nothing but positive comments on them so far,” Meyer said.

Meyer and Thompson said some residential lights are also being replaced with 50-watt LEDs, on an as-requested basis, or as old fixtures fail completely. The old HPS residential lights were 115 watts.

Thompson mentioned another positive aspect of the new LED lights is that they are easy to install, and they fit into the pole mounts better, leaving less room for pests or birds to make nests and potentially cause problems.

Meyer and Thompson said the HPS lights are approximately 20-30 years old, having replaced older lights in the early 1990’s.

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