Ila’s War to be released for sale on Wednesday

Ila's War to be released for sale on Wednesday

When we approach Veterans' Day our thoughts often turn toward those brave men who answered their county's call to fight for the freedoms we enjoy in our own country. We envision what we have seen in movies - young men, often under the legal age of adulthood, fighting in the trenches of war in Europe during World War I (WWI) or World War II (WWll), freezing nearly to death in Korea, or stalking an unseen enemy in the jungles of Vietnam. As our minds bring us to more modern times, we remember the more recent desert wars and our young men, our own sons and grandsons, who survived the searing heat, but sometimes not the trauma.

Women have been involved in war efforts since the Revolutionary War, but it wasn't until 2016 that all restrictions on female combat assignments were lifted. Prior to that, women did what they could to support the troops , earning the distinction of being called a "veteran."








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