Another mile down the road

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We, as humans, experience several milestones in our lives. Some are natural progressions, some are career based, and some exist due to our American culture. No matter what dictates these milestones, we tend to celebrate, sometimes more obnoxiously than others, when we cross those thresholds.

Our own birth is a milestone in many ways and by its mere occurrence creates many others. It is a milestone for our parents who now have a new baby and one for use as we graduate from the womb and begin breathing on our own. As we grow, our parents celebrate our natural progressions. They get excited the first time we smile, or experience gastric discomfort, whichever might come first. They are delighted when we learn to roll our chubby little bodies over, begin to crawl, say our first words, get our first teeth, and learn to balance ourselves in an upright position. If we are born into a family of multiple children, they may regret the day we become independently mobile, but it is a milestone nonetheless.



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