Confessions of a User
Confessions of a User

Confessions of a User

Since beginning my working-from-home… well, actually since before I began …… well, actually well before I began my workingfrom-home journey, I have been a Facebook user. That’s right. I confess. I post, I click, I forward. I even copy/paste. I virtually hang out with other users. I see what they have posted. I look at their pictures, and they look at mine. Some days I spread joy. Other days…. Not so much. I am a User. There. I’ve said it. And (most of the time) I am not ashamed.

It started as a way to connect with my grown kids. Actually, it started with MySpace but those are days I’d prefer to forget. I used a pseudonym. I was a Karaoke Kueen (name changed to protect ... well, me.) My profile picture was a much younger me, with a huge smile and a cowboy hat made from Coors Light six-pack cartons.

As a bona fide Facebook user, I get glimpses into the lives of my friends. Checking on them relieves the anxiety of living alone. Some days it’s fun. Other days…. Not so much.



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