Controlling volunteer wheat important NOW!

Controlling volunteer wheat important NOW!

Many producers are busy out in the fields swathing and baling alfalfa and forage sorghum or sudan, but it soon will be time to be out in the fields with wheat drilling! There is still time to control or kill the volunteer wheat BEFORE you attempt to plant your 2021 wheat crop.

Producers really don’t like the mention of volunteer wheat, but you can always count on it rearing its ugly head. Volunteer wheat is a fact of life in wheat production and no combine is perfect, so there is usually plenty of grain left on the ground in the field to produce volunteer. Stay tuned and I will share with you the management guidelines to help prevent this disease in your wheat for 2021.

Volunteer wheat can serve as a host for insects such as the wheat curl mite, Hessian fly, greenbug and the bird cherry-oat aphid along with diseases such as wheat streak mosaic and barley yellow dwarf. Wheat Streak mosaic, spread by the insect…the wheat curl mite, is the most important threat from volunteer wheat.



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