Do you know the health of your soil?

Do you know the health of your soil?

How many farmers know about the health and condition of their soil? Considering that the soil is the foundation of the entire farming operation, it is not surprising that our most successful farmers, those who consistently produce high yields, are focused on growing the soil.

All farmers know or have heard many times the importance of growing the soil, improving soil health, and increasing soil organic matter. Soil management practices can have a significant effect on organic matter levels in the soil. Soil organic matter affects both the chemical and physical properties of the soil and its overall health. The composition and breakdown rate of soil organic matter affects the diversity and biological activity of soil organisms, plant nutrient availability, soil structure and porosity, water infiltration rate, and water holding capacity. Building organic matter in a soil system is a function of numerous factors: 1) organic matter inputs (above-ground residues and roots), 2) climate (rainfall and temperature), 3) physical and chemical properties of the soil, and 4) land use and management.



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