A Dog’s Duties

Farm dogs hold a special place in the day-to-day operations of many family farms and ranches. For my family, our dog serves many important roles. Very quickly after our dog Rosie Bo was brought home to the farm as a tiny puppy, she assumed the role of head of farm security. Over the last few years, she has worked hard to ensure opossums avoid our porches, deer stay out of our yard, birds are made aware of a strict no fly zone near her human’s house, and all shadows of the night get a good barking.

Although she has a huge, warm doghouse and a big barn full of hay, she has claimed a wicker chair on my front porch as her official post, which clearly allows her to remain on high patrol as she deems fit. I think she likes the spot because she not only can look over her territory, but she can also sit up and look into our living room to keep track of her humans.

Our girl Rosie Bo is fierce yet also the most loving and loyal pup you will ever find. She’ll try to destroy any wild animal that enters her domain, yet she tolerates her humans like only a saint would. Many days while my kids have been home during remote learning, I will look out my kitchen window during a recess break only to see Rosie Bo donning a few yards of fancy pink ruffles around her neck while running around the yard with the kids. It’s a style like that from the Elizabethan era and it is quite becoming of Her Majesty. Rosie Bo’s fashion is usually always styled by a 5-year-old little girl who loves digging through my fabric box and clearly has graduated from dressing her baby dolls to now accessorizing the farm dog.



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