Jyll Phillips

High anxiety makes me crazy


You have all had “those” days… the days when there simply isn’t enough time to do what you need to do and you feel rushed, or days when it seems nothing really goes right. I had one like that last week. Not only was I pushed for time, the activities were producing all kinds of anxiety. Thankfully, there was a pleasant outcome.

I know I’ve told the entire world, short of renting a billboard, that I do not sleep well. Sometimes I don’t sleep at all. It amazes me how many of us have that issue. My contemporaries can rise and shine and look like sleep deprivation doesn’t bother them, but not me. If it weren’t for my daily infusion of caffeine in whatever form I can find (coffee, Pepsi, chocolate…) I would be a walking zombie. I have quit trying to look healthy without makeup on because those circles under my eyes are dark enough for target practice.

It was after a typical night’s sleeping pattern (two hours of snoring followed by three hours of sitting still in the dark trying to talk my brain into shutting up) that I had a full day of medical testing. If the lack of sleep doesn’t bring about an anxiety-filled day, the tests certainly do.


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