Home Alone

Home Alone

So here we are, an entire state, grounded. Or, that’s what it feels like. I, for one, don’t think I broke any rules. I haven’t a curfew to miss. I have no one to talk back to since I live alone anyway. Well, I guess I haven’t done all my chores…. Maybe that’s it?

Actually, we all know this stay-at-home order is for our own good. It will slow the spread of this weird, never-before-seen virus that is trying to take over the world.

In a town of our size, nearly every business is essential. We need food. We need medical care. We need law enforcement. We need the post office so we can pay our bills. We need our banks because we are bound to run out of “mad” money sooner or later. We need our newspaper because not everyone has internet service. We need our construction folks to keep our properties safe. We need our plumbers and electricians so that if a pipe springs a leak we don’t have to live in a swamp, and if we do live in a swamp, we need to at least leave the lights on. We need our medicines. We need restaurant carry-out service because, let’s face it, not everyone can cook, and those who do need a break now and then. We need gasoline so those who work in essential businesses can go to work, and those who don’t, can take a drive to ward off the claustrophobia of staying at home. And, apparently, we need alcohol. (Who knew?)




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