I’ll be here all week, folks

I’ll be here all week, folks

I have suspected for quite some time that my true calling in life is to serve as comic relief for everyone else with more serious minds. The only problem with this is that more often than not, I do it unintentionally. How crazy is that?

If you know me, you know I’m not slow in the brain, a.k.a. stupid, but the ADHD in me often keeps that little light of mine from shining as brightly as it could. Or even should, for that matter. I process things in my own way, in my own time, and with my own unique constipated logic. That means my thought processes get a little plugged up now and then.

It began when I was but a child with my brain in sponge mode. I wasn’t one of those kids who simply ignored adult conversation when I didn’t understand it. I was one who tried to make sense out of it, when I had no earthly clue what anyone was talking about.



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