The Joy of Cooking

The Joy of Cooking

I used to really enjoy cooking. I still do for that matter, but that might be due to the fact I rarely do it anymore.

When I was first married, about 100 years ago, I found it satisfying to try to create special meals and things I’d never eaten before. I was very diligent about having a home-cooked meal every day of the week on a tight — maybe even shoestring budget. Back in those days I budgeted every dollar we had for one thing or another. Twenty dollars went into savings, $10 went into a Christmas Club fund, $40 was for groceries, etc., etc. Can you imagine buying a full week’s groceries for two 20-something adults for $40? Like I said, that was a long, long time ago.

When my first child was born the grocery allowance had to increase to accommodate formula and disposable diapers. I was a bit of a miser then, however, so I only used disposables when we went to day care or out some place. We ate out a little more, mostly because it took me awhile to get the rhythm of feeding a baby and cooking dinner. I seem to recall a lot of crock pot meals.








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