Let it be

Let it be

Have you ever had an argument with someone that just won't die? Like, the other person wants to have the last word, but their last word makes no sense, so you have to say something too. Then the other person still has to have the last word, which still doesn 't make any sense, so you have to ask another 'dumb' question and the cycle starts all over again.

My Jaxon used to do that to me. He'd bark for no apparent reason, and I would say, so you're hungry? 1 would feed him, he'd look at his bowl as if to say, what's this, and continue his tirade. I'd say, so you want to go potty first? I would walk him to the back door, open it for him, and he'd stand there looking at me as if to say, wha????? Then he'd start barking again.

I'd think, 'oh I forgot to check your water' so I'd go dump whatever was left in his water bowl, refill it with clean, cool water, and set it down for him. He'd look at it, look at me, and start barking again .








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