Merry COVID Christmas

Merry COVID Christmas

The Christmas season has already proven to be different this year, thanks to our nemesis Mr. COVID. I have often complained about Mother Nature being bipolar and forgetting her meds due to the changeability of Kansas weather, but I do believe Mr. COVID is worse. Mother Nature might be fickle, but this COVID dude is just evil.

We aren’t shopping in stores as much as we typically do, and when we do venture out, we are masked up like banditos. There has been a huge increase in recyclable cardboard thanks to Amazon and other online venues. There are probably more gift cards being sent to family and friends, or delivered directly to them, to limit the mingle in our jingle.

In the national news we are reading about Mr. COVID on a daily basis, as well as the election that is supposed to be over by now. Well, here’s news for them - I am over it!








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