Never stop learning!

Never stop learning!

Welcome to 2021! Besides sounding like part of a 1960’s sci-fi movie, it should come with welcomed relief after the dark age of 2020.

Oh, but we learned so much in 2020!

We learned how three layers of cloth and a filter are safer than 2 layers of cloth with no filter when it comes to face masks. In this context, “safer” means you aren’t going to spit out or breathe in quite as many germs.

We learned how lethargic we get when we stay home all the time, how many hours (or days) you can lay around in a pair of pajamas without gagging yourself, how “real” clothes don’t measure up to the comfort of yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt, how to find all the free shows on Netflix or Prime and we learned how to get by with 1-ply toilet paper. That’s a lot of learning!







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