Organized chaos

Organized chaos

So, we’re a little over a week into the new year. I wonder how many New Year Resolutions have already gone bust.

I don’t make them anymore. I used to be diligent about making resolutions. Every year from the time I was a child I would ponder resolutions for the new year. It was typically something like losing weight, not sassing my mother, diligently working out, keeping my room clean, not dating arrogant guys, controlling my tone of voice, keeping my car clean, or many other false hopes. Yes, I was really good at making resolutions, but not so much when it came to keeping them.

The new year is also when a lot of folks try to get organized, except for those who have a natural talent for it. You know the type... they successfully maintain a detailed daily planner, they are never late for meetings or school or church or anything, they know exactly where everything they own is in their house, their cars always smell new even when they are decades old. No offense, but those kinds of people drive me nuts.


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