What’s Invading Your Garden?

What’s Invading Your Garden?

By this time of year, our gardens are usually thriving and we are in harvest mode. Our veggies are full grown and putting on delicious fruits for us to enjoy. Unfortunately, we aren’t the only ones that love this season. Insects are out in full force in our gardens and landscape. Here are the top four pests you will likely see in your landscape and how to deal with them.

Squash Bugs

Squash bugs are the grey, shield-shaped bugs that feed mainly on squash and pumpkin plants. If you have ever had these pests in your garden, you know they are almost impossible to control when fully mature. This is because the squash bugs have a hard body that an insecticide has difficulty penetrating. It is very important to control the insects when they are small. High squash bug populations can literally drain plants causing them to wilt and die. Look for the eggs of the insect as well, adult females deposit brownish-red eggs in clusters on lower leaf surfaces.







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