Voting for Agriculture

Judging by my mailbox, TV and social media, we are in the silly season of politics. Yes, the August primary is drawing near and the last, final and, in some cases, desperate push for your vote is happening. This year is a critical year for those of us in agriculture to make sure ag-friendly candidates are elected. I would also make the case that for those of you not involved in agriculture it is in your best interest as a consumer of food to elect ag-friendly candidates.

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Beef herd management tips for July!

Well wheat harvest is progressing around north central Kansas and harvest season can be a very stressful time for farm families, so it is important to remember to practice safety guidelines to keep everyone safe. However, producers simply move onto the next management decision on their farm. Life must continue even in this crazy situation with Covid-19! The cow-calf enterprise is the most prominent component of the livestock sector in this area, so producers are continually faced with management decisions every day.

Worries and Routines

A recent survey of Kansas Ag Alliance members reveals the economic turmoil wrought by Covid-19 on the state’s farmers, ranchers and ag retailers. The survey was conducted in late May. Responses came from a broad spectrum of growers and other agriculturally related businesses across the state.

K-State Garden Hour

K-State Garden Hour

Gardening is such a great hobby for your mental and physical health. With all that is happening in the world right now, it’s the perfect way to relax and relieve stress. K-State Research and Extension is here to help. We have created a weekly online gardening webinar. The series is called K-State Garden Hour and in the month of July we have some great topics planned.

Waste Not, Want More

Waste Not, Want More

I think most of us unfortunate (or fortunate, however you choose to look at it) folks who live alone often struggle with meals. What do I want? Do I have to cook? Does anything sound good? I only know how to cook for 4, or 6, or 8.

The basics of blue-green algae and the risks to livestock

The basics of blue-green algae and the risks to livestock

Wheat harvest is just getting started around north central Kansas, however, with the weather conditions, checking your farm ponds may be something on your “chore list,” as blue-green algae may be a concern! Weather conditions that might increase the potential of blue-algae development in farm ponds include pretty high temperatures along with abundant sunlight. Blue-green algae produce toxins that pose a health risk to livestock that use these ponds for drinking water.


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