Ballot Measures

It doesn’t feel like an election year with all that’s gone on in the world these past few months, but in Kansas, primary elections loom in August followed by November’s general contest.

Dealing with the Dreaded Bagworm

Dealing with the Dreaded Bagworm

If you have cedar trees or other evergreens on your property you have probably seen bagworms. Most of us are familiar with the brown bags made of leaf matter and the devastating defoliation these pests can do to our trees, shrubs, and other plants. Unfortunately, by the time we notice the new bags hanging from our trees, it is too late to treat. Plan ahead to get a jump start on them this year.

A Perfect Storm

Throughout the uncertainty of the last two and a half months, I have tried to focus on the blessings in my life. Our home is perfectly remote for social distancing. Without children, we don’t have the added pressures of home schooling. Both of our incomes are dependent on an essential industry. I count myself lucky and am thankful for all we have.

St. John VBS postponed

It is with some sadness I write to let you know that St. John Lutheran Church will not be hosting its Vacation Bible School at the end of May as has been our tradition for some time. It is sad because I know how much the children enjoy getting together and being with the teachers and helpers who assist in bringing the good news of Jesus’s death and resurrection to save us from fear of death and freely winning for the world salvation to the little ears of those who attend.

The end of an era

The end of an era

It’s hard to believe, but it has been nearly five years since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer. I shared more about my illness than most of you would have expected, but it was therapeutic for me, and as time went on, I learned it was therapeutic for others with that particular affliction as well.

Annual Post Rock District Wheat Plot Tours converted to “virtual”

Annually the Post Rock Extension District conducts face-to-face tours of our wheat demonstration plots around the district. However, with the pandemic conditions, we have converted our tours to “virtual”. But, the variety signs are up on each of the wheat plots in Jewell, Osborne and Smith counties and the field locations will be posted on our website at www.postrock. ksu.edu under the “Crops” tab and then “Test Plots”.

The Slow, Steady Course

“We live in unprecedented times and need to take unprecedented measures.” I don’t know how many times I have heard this in the last two or three months. I know it is true, but I sure would like to go back to life before Covid-19. I know it’s wishful thinking, and soon we will be back to the new normal, whatever that will be. However, in the meantime things sure are unsettled.


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