Strength of Unity

The events that unfolded last week in Washington, D.C., will stain the fabric of our democracy for the rest of our days. The images of insurrection in the Capitol are as much our legacy now as putting a man on the moon. It’s a stark contrast of what happens when we choose to embrace what divides us rather than what unites us.

Legislative Priorities

With the new year upon us, attention will soon turn to the legislative session beginning Jan. 11 in Topeka. I’m incredibly grateful for the elected officials we have. Legislative sessions are always about making tough choices on allocating resources that are too few to address problems that appear unending. This upcoming one is set to be one of the toughest.

Merry COVID Christmas

Merry COVID Christmas

The Christmas season has already proven to be different this year, thanks to our nemesis Mr. COVID. I have often complained about Mother Nature being bipolar and forgetting her meds due to the changeability of Kansas weather, but I do believe Mr. COVID is worse. Mother Nature might be fickle, but this COVID dude is just evil.


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