Pondering Endings

Fall is winding down on our farm. Brown grass is hidden beneath piles of colorful leaves that have fallen. Wheat drilled last month has popped up providing a spiky looking cover to fields for the winter. Corn and soybeans have been harvested and shipped off to the elevator. By the time you read this, we may even have had a dusting of snow.

The week that was

The week that was

Have you ever noticed how things in general are grouped in three’s? Like.... Three strikes and you’re out. Third time’s a charm. Ready, set, go. Then there is three on a match, three squares a day, the three R’s, odd as a three-dollar bill and three bricks shy of a load.

What’s the use?

Lincoln County – or rather a portion of the residents of Lincoln County – have been engaging in a debate on-line for much too long. One Facebook page, created with good intentions, is now a place where people not only debate local issues, but argue, and attempt to convince their opponents they are the only ones “in the know.”

Immediately It Becomes Fall

As my family is in the depths of the fall harvest season, the landscape all around us is beginning its annual preparation for winter. The colors surrounding our farm have begun their yearly transition and serve as a visual reminder that we have entered a new season: Fall.

Why act your age?

Why act your age?

Having always been a bit silly and highly spirited (aka ADHD) I grew up hearing people tell me to act my age. It always confused me. What does 8 act like? I don’t mean developmentally because I never had an issue with that. I mean behaviorally. What does 12 act like? What does 16 act like? Sometimes my friends would tell me to act my age, not my IQ. That was a given. I mean seriously, who wants to act between 125 and 135 on any given day? Then again, what does 125 act like??

Charlene Batchman

Lost and all alone

Lost or abandoned dogs appear all summer long. We see them in our neighborhoods, we see them on the highways and we see them in the city dog shelter. Lincoln Area Humane Society has found rescues or shelters for 38 of these frightened and hungry dogs since our group began. This year alone we have helped 12 dogs find safe and compassionate care.


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