Anticipating Normalcy

Fall harvest has come to a screeching halt for my family. We have had some minor issues that have slowed us down, but those issues are always expected during the marathon known as fall harvest. We began back in August picking corn. Since then, we have transitioned to popcorn followed by soybeans followed by sorghum with wheat sowing sprinkled into the mix starting in late September.

And now here we are in November. I can always begin to see the light at the end of the proverbial fall harvest tunnel when we start cutting sorghum. Once we move into our sorghum fields, I know we are getting closer to being done with harvest. We are closer to being done eating sandwiches in the field . Closer to putting fewer miles on my vehicle. Closer to having regular grocery bills for a family of four instead of for a harvest crew. Closer to having my husband home at night to help with bedtime routines. Closer to returning to order and normalcy.

When we start harvesting the sorghum, it's as if a switch is flipped in my mind . It happens every year. For so many months before the sorghum harvest, I try to stay laser focused on the tasks at hand that need to be done on a day-by-day basis. 1 do what I can to help the crew stay as efficient as possible. I put my head down and keep moving forward while trying to preserve as much of a routine as possible for the kids. But by the time sorghum harvest rolls around, my focus wears off, and I begin envisioning our anticipated "downtime" once harvest wraps up. I am ready to get the crop in and return to normalcy with my family.







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