Here Kitty Kitty

Here Kitty Kitty

If you were around Lincoln a few years ago, you would have noticed a lot of cats. There were stray cats and kittens in many areas of town, particularly downtown. It was a big problem! The Lincoln Area Humane Society decided to do something about the feline problem in town. Realizing that an unspayed female, her mate and offspring will produce 376 kittens in just 3 years, the answer was right there. We needed to start a TNR program

TNR or Trap, Neuter, and Return is a program that has worked in many towns and cities across the country. The strays are humanely trapped, neutered or spayed and returned back to the same area. I know I had a question about this: why release them back to the same area? The answer is that if the cats were moved, say taken to a farm, more cats would move in to take the place of those who were gone. By releasing the altered cats in the same area, the cat population begins to drop.



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