How have the cold temperatures affected the wheat?

How have the cold temperatures affected the wheat?

Mother nature has really been giving us some significant fluctuations in temperatures and conditions for the 2020 wheat crop. Stay tuned and I will give you some guidelines to use when evaluating your wheat.

We have had several pretty low temperature events reported in the last couple of weeks around north central Kansas. The K-State Research and Extension Mesonet weather stations in NC Kansas in Jewell, Mitchell, Osborne and Republic counties recorded temperatures as low as 16 degrees F., but the ranges were from 16 degrees F. to 28 degrees F. Low temperatures aren’t an uncommon occurrence in the spring to wheat in Kansas and it has certainly been subjected to different weather conditions during much of its growth period.

So could there be any damage to the wheat? Well, there are several factors that go into this answer, but the two most important components include the growth stage of the wheat and the air temperature including the degree and the duration. Other factors that can affect the potential for damage are the crop condition and soil moisture. Generally, if the topsoil is moist, it helps limit temperature changes keeping the soil at a more constant temperature. We were fortunate that our moisture levels were pretty good for this year. If there is significant top growth, that can also help insulate the vulnerable growing point of the wheat plant.



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