It’s Census time

It’s Census time

If there was ever a time when census data matters, I would say this is it. The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting every single one of us, whether we actually contract the virus or not. The census does the same thing, albeit in a much more roundabout (but positive) way than a virus!

Census data impacts how over $6 billion in federal funding is allocated in Kansas every year. That equates to $2,082 in funding every year for every household in the state. For Lincoln County, that is equivalent to $49,968* in funding (over 10 years) that funnels back to our county for our hospital and health clinics, schools, senior services, fire and life safety services, veterans’ programs, infrastructure, housing programs and so many other critical services.

So long story short, the 2020 census marks an important year for Lincoln County. We all know the county has been losing population for 100 years (literally) but every 10 years we get the true number telling us exactly what is happening in our county. It tells us how our population growth/ loss shifts depending on ages that in turn guides us on how we plan for our future.


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