Sharing Our Secrets

So, you want to be in animal agriculture? You get to be your own boss, but the pay is lousy. Still the life is generally good. Weeks like this past one makes us reconsider our choices in vocation and, at times, our ability to make sane, rational decisions.

Yes, the past two weeks have brought us record- or near-record-low temperatures and snowfall. Conditions have been miserable to dangerous, but we knew what we signed up for to live this life. While we may not always like our jobs, we still love what we do. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that and show others how much we care.

To say it has been a grind would be an understatement. I do not know about you, but I found it hard to go out every morning, and each day felt kind of the same with no end in sight. It was tough and hard. I would dare say none of us enjoyed the past two weeks, but you know what? Not one of us called in sick. We did not take any days off because of the inclement weather, and none of us stayed inside where it was warm and safe. Most of the rest of the world would ask one question — why?







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