Slowly but surely

Slowly but surely

I’ve learned first-hand that a person tends to slow down a bit as they get older. I raised four kids, managed 45 cub scouts, worked full-time and managed to put a homecooked meal on the table every night 30 years ago. Now an afternoon with two grands requires an after-party that includes a nap.

I remember spending a full day shopping — walking, trying on clothes, carrying bags to the car — and it would rejuvenate me. That feels like insanity to me now! I still love to take my granddaughters for a day of shopping and eating lunch “out” but it wears me out so much I can barely wiggle when I get them home. I guess it makes a difference that I have to drive two hours to pick them up for the day, but nonetheless, rejuvenation doesn’t happen.

I remember my mom’s Saturday rule: No one leaves the house on Saturday until it is clean. My mom was what my sister and I called a clean freak. She would run her hands over the top of the door frame to make sure all the dust was gone. We worked hard on Saturday mornings, just so we could leave the house! It didn’t matter if it was a family outing or being with my friends, being home all day on a Saturday was something that did not make sense to me. Now I have been known to take an entire Saturday, spend it in my pajamas, and do absolutely nothing productive, including cleaning house. Which kind of brings me to my next thought.




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