Sneezing, wheezing, blowing and going

Sneezing, wheezing, blowing and going

One would think, after as many decades as I have spent in Kansas, I would be accustomed to the crazy weather and the equally as unstable allergy seasons. Nonetheless, I am hoodwinked every year.

Back in the day I knew I would sneeze through spring and sometimes fall. I would prepare for that. I would be surprised if it turned out I had a cold. I also knew what triggered the sneezing. I could look at certain weeds through a window and sneeze. I knew if there was a dust storm I would be a mess. I knew what my environmental enemies were.

As I got older, my allergies started to change. My reactions became more intense. Instead of a simple sneeze, my eyes would drip down my face. My sinus passages would immediately fill up with gross stuff. My mild asthma became wild asthma. Still, I knew this would happen in the spring and sometimes in the fall.



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